CARMA: What Goes Around Comes Around (In Space)

A radio story for the new Lily Bee Music Podcast

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Music and sound clips from this episode:

Hoagy Carmichael – “Stardust”

Bill Nye the Science Guy (PBS) – Outer Space

ACME School – radio waves

Helpful links:

How Radio Astronomy Works

Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO) and CARMA Official Site

“Star Sailor” – original song from far too long ago in my YouTube history:


2 thoughts on “CARMA: What Goes Around Comes Around (In Space)

  1. So amazing! I love the Bill Nye sound byte. I hope you have a chance to do this during the summer while you’re working with Third Coast. You should check out Scott Carrier, my favorite independent radio producer. He does a lot of stories from the road and has a pretty unique voice.

    • Thanks so much for listening, Hailey! 🙂 I’m definitely going to check out Scott Carrier. Who knows? That might inspire another road trip out to Salt Lake City (in which case, you’re coming with)!

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