Sometimes, you don’t fully process things until you’ve let yourself go through them. I find myself writing this in medias res, but I can’t help jotting something down. Something in me needs to speak.

Yesterday was our last show on the east coast tour. We made our last stop Chloe’s Coffee in Gaithersburg for a handful of reasons, the main one being that when I lived in Maryland, I was a regular at Chloe’s. It was a musical home base for me in many ways. Not too long ago, I was just a girl with a uke who showed up at open mics on Wednesday evenings to play for whomever might listen. To see the room filled with familiar faces and new faces (for essentially the same songs and same silly girl with a uke) warmed me to the core.


I’m at the cusp of the ending and beginning of many things. As far as endings go, I know that this will be the last tour that we do for ‘Daydream at Midnight,’ an album that still reflects such a huge part of me, though almost two years have passed since I first wrote the songs. It’s the end of being on the road for the month; I finally get to go home to my room, my car, my gym, my family and friends.

As for beginnings, I’m getting ready to release ‘Age of Exploration,’ an album that speaks for much of my life since the first album and beyond. Also, while I was away, I received the news that I was accepted to an internship in Chicago, IL. That means I’ll be moving to a brand new city in fewer than three weeks! Don’t worry—I’ll be making music indefinitely, so you can quell your fears of radio silence from my channels.

Life is one incredibly crazy journey, and if there is one thing that I have learned, it’s that the people I’ve met have been my favorite stops along the way. The cities that I’ve visited would have been empty experiences if it weren’t for the laughs, meals, conversations, walks, cartwheels, and photos I’ve shared with new and old friends.

Mind vs. Heart

Logic vs. Intuition

Art vs. Science

On the road, I realized that these forces in particular constantly collide inside me, but I’ve come to learn that life is most beautiful when they work in tandem. After all, both sides have an inherent desire to pursue, discover, and understand the Truth. A couple years back in this blog, I wrote, “Reason over passion and temperance over both.” Now, after living a little more of life, I’d like to iterate that perhaps reason and passion can co-exist, with temperance as a sort of referee.

In this ongoing pursuit of Truth, I know that I will continue to find myself along the way. We’re changing all the time, yet we never really change at all. Funny, isn’t it?

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