SNEAK PEEK: The Making of the Album ‘Age of Exploration’

Why, hello there.

I’ve been in the studio this month with my band creating some ear candy and cannot wait to share it with you all! We’ve got a great team working on this album, so I hope we can deliver something that you’ll enjoy. ūüôā

The title of this upcoming album is (drumroll) “Age of Exploration.” Each song on this record is either about a different place in the world, or the song was written while I was somewhere away from home. It’s an effort to represent places that I’ve seen and people I’ve met during my travels, hopefully encouraging anyone listening to the songs to get out there and do some traveling themselves!

Here’s a brief video¬†into what we’ve been up to in the studio. If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste this URL:¬†

I’m happy to have taken you along with me on this journey to creating my sophomore album. Many of you have tuned in from the very beginning of my songwriting process to my demo recording, and now studio recording. I hope that my updates have been helpful in understanding how an album comes together, how songs evolve, and how many people are involved in this collaborative process.

Instrumentally, this album features the trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, cello, harmonium, ¬†accordion, castanets, taiko drums, Vietnamese dan tranh, glockenspiel/celeste, and many more little trinkets on top of the normal ukulele/guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. Just a little teaser for you. ūüėČ
Other stuff

  • The¬†music video release for “Up”¬†will be happeaning on¬†March 30, 2012! Find more details¬†here. We’ll be playing a live show at¬†Viento y Agua Cafe in Long Beach¬†(also on Livestream) and premiering the video live as well as online at my¬†YouTube channel!
  • Our April East Coast Tour is happening on¬†these dates! Please tell your friends and family on the east coast to stop by! We’d love to see you and/or them!
  • Send me stuff (if you want)! My P.O. Box address is¬†P.O. Box 1421, Los Alamitos, CA 90720¬†in case you want to send me any postcards, letters, or bee-related things! Be warned: I am a gift-giver-backer! If you send me something, you’ll likely get something back in return!

As always, feel free to Tweet, Facebook message, or e-mail me. I love hearing from you!



P.S. Here are some photos from this month’s studio recording sessions for your viewing pleasure!

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