boston uncommons

Boston, you came at a good time. Just when I was lamenting the fact that I might not experience a “real” winter (first world problem, I know), this Boston trip comes along and brings temperatures in the 30s, Dunkin Donuts, cannolis, bare trees, and New England clam chowder (in New England). Ah, chilly bliss.

The show at Boston College was tons of fun, and I had fun meeting everyone after the show as well. Boston College’s VSA did a great job decorating the Vandy Cabaret Room. Wish I had taken pictures while I was there >_<, but I’ll wait for them to be posted on Facebook to steal for a blog post. Can’t wait to come back for our April show!

The best part was hanging out with old friends, meeting new ones, (awkwardly) saying the wrong name of one on stage, wreaking silliness and havoc in the city, meeting up with an old junior high school friend, taking the wrong T train (twice), hanging out with family, teaching my niece to play ukulele, and so much more to come this week.

I feel warm and filled with love (and food). Even though the holidays can sometimes feel like a hyperbolic campaign for capitalism, I feel rich in friends and memories this season.

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