november northwest: portland stop

Marino Cafe - Portland, OR

Exhaustion, thy name is Driving-From-San-Francisco-to-Portland. I’m amazed that I’m still awake right now — after 11+ hours of driving and playing a show. Phew, I’m happy to be sitting still for at least a little while and catching up on some sleep before our drive to Seattle.

It’s almost difficult to believe that the tour is over tomorrow. My entire life has been devoted to making this happen for the past three months, and now this chapter is coming to a close. Rest assured – we’re definitely not done yet. We’ll be coming back to the Pacific Northwest as well as planning shows in other places. Everyone we’ve met on the tour stops up until this point has been so encouraging. I have so appreciated every gift, mix CD, suggestion for places to eat/see, and conversation along the way. What a blessing it is to be doing this.

The average temperature up here right now is in the low 40’s. It’s cold, to say the very least. Nevertheless, I feel warm when I think about how much love went into this tour from the very start. ❤

Here are some photos from the road today and a video about an awkward encounter at a gas stop somewhere near Eugene, OR:

Near Medford, OR

Mt. Shasta

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