kickstarter updates, the dawn of a street team, and november northwest kickoff

Are you ready for the update on our Kickstarter campaign for the November Northwest tour? Drumroll, please. [awkward silence] All right, forget the drumroll. Here are the numbers!

Over the course of 17 days, we were supported by 49 wonderful backers, who pledged a grand total of $1,688. This is 337% of our original goal and can only mean one thing: you guys and gals rock! When we started the campaign, we set a modest goal for ourselves. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for believing that we are worth more. It means the world to us, especially to me.

You can see more of my sappiness in the thank you portions of my last video in the Kickstarter series:

The Dawn of a Street Team

The Lily Bee Street Team is on the rise, and the messenger bees are buzzing! A much more more official launch of the street team will happen as soon as the new website is up. HOWEVER, you can follow @TheLilyBees on Twitter or like my Facebook music page and share tweets/posts to help “spread the buzz” about my music!

If you’re already on the mailing list, you’ve already taken one of the most important steps. So give yourself a pat on the back. Not too hard, though. Don’t hurt yourself.

Some things you can do now to help spread the buzz are

1. Post my songs on your Facebook profile, Twitter, or Google+ page.

2. Tell your friends about my shows on the November Northwest tour, especially if they live in tour stop cities.

3. If YOU live in a tour stop city and are coming to a show, bring a friend or two, or three or four!

4. If you already have the Daydream at Midnight album, listen to it with a friend during a car ride or train ride.

5. Wear your Lily Bee Music t-shirt around town!

Extra credit: post a kazoo solo with your Lily Bee kazoo on YouTube and share it with me on Facebook or Twitter. (Warning: I WILL share it out of sheer excitement and giddiness. Prepare to be seen and heard!)

November Northwest

So the Kickstarter campaign ends today, which means…the tour officially starts tomorrow!! Eep. I’m both indescribably excited and incurably nervous at the same time, two very challenging emotions to balance, haha. Despite losing sleep this week as a result of my natural tendency to worry, I am tempered by all the support you have given me through this journey so far. Those of you coming to the shows (dates listed below), I cannot wait to thank you in person. You have a bear hug coming your way (you’ve been warned).

As always, feel free to reach out to me anytime through e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or any other way you can think of (although stalking me is prooobably not a good idea — it’s not good for my blood pressure). I love hearing from you!


Lily Bee


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