cancun: el primer día

To say that we’ve traveled is far too mundane. I’m grateful to be on solid ground again after 9+ hours of commuting by car, plane, van, and golf cart before sitting still. Santa Ana, CA to Denver, CO to Charlotte, NC and finally to the Mayan Riviera in Cancun, MX.

The backaches, plane breath, and travel delays all became worth it when we first saw this view:

Quickly proceeded by this one:

We’re staying at Aventura Cove Spa, part of Palace Resorts. It’s an all-inclusive resort, which means that by the bracelet that they provide you with as soon as you arrive, you can do what you want, eat what you want, and go where you want at no “charge.” Not once do you have to pull out your wallet after a meal or before a massage. Things like manicures and hydrotherapy sessions are complimentary. There is 24-hour room service. Every room has its own hot tub. It’s all included — at least, that’s how they want to make you feel. Of course, there are certain limitations, but if you are a member of their club, barely any of these restrictions apply. I feel terribly guilty for how spoiled I am here, but at this point – and with this view – I’m not going to dwell on it until after I bid Cancun “adios.”

Within 20 minutes of unpacking our belongings in the hotel room, Felipe and I went swimming in the pool, kayaking in the Caribbean, exploring the day spa, and inventing our own smoothies. I’ve been using my Spanish non-stop and getting compliments on it. After all these years, I still ge ta kick out of surprising people. I am blazing the trail for all other non-native-speaking Asians who speak Spanish fluently! I’m still working on an acronym for the cause. Bear with me.

One two-hour session with the concierge and the week schedule filled up to the brim. Here’s the itinerary:

Visiting the beach at Playa del Carmen (leave at 8am) / shopping at 5th avenue

Day trip to Cozumel (leave at 8am), island off of the Mayan Riviera coast

Day trip to Coba, Mayan pyramid / shopping

Visiting Chichen Itza (3 hour bus ride there), the Mayan ruins (all day)

XCaret: underwater cave diving, beach day, night show (all day)

Spa day: facial and aromatherapy massage (9am) / Swimming with dolphins (2pm)

Departure 😦

Even a week doesn’t feel like it’s enough time to be here and do everything!

My favorite moment so far is one that I shared with Felipe earlier tonight. We walked out to the edge of the resort between the swimming pools and the actual ocean. We sat watching a storm miles off in the distance. Each time the lightning pulsed, it exposed the nimbus clouds in the sky like a negative photograph. We didn’t need gaudy props or staff members putting on airs or mariachis serenading us with songs to help us find peace. In a place like Cancun, peace seems to find you.


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