I wrote this poem over a year ago about a place that changed my life.



by Lilian Bui
January 2, 2010

When I’m feeling old and settled
And my dreams begin to strain,
I put my foot onto the pedal
And thrust myself to Spain.

In Spain, they understand me,
Los castellanos never fail
A Spanish breeze, the rarest candy,
Arouses hunger long curtailed.

It was a plaza in Toledo where
My journey did embark.
Senses fed, indulged, ensnared —
I opened up my heart.

I heard my spirit sing
Through los gitanos‘ whitewashed caves
It soared past tilted windmill wings
Where Quixote fell, upstaged.

The sangria pitcher’s brimming,
So why not pour a glass?
They say results are slimming
So sip, friend, unabashed!

Discover castles off the highway.
Stand and marvel in their shade.
Stand, too, in hallowed temples,
Where prayers oft’ were said.

Moorish fountains cascade freely
Evoking Paradise.
Send me off, adrift, and easy,
Humming Spanish lullabies.

Vosotros sois…” y “Vale!“
Pour from the native tongue,
But los cosmopolitanos, they
Don’t care where you came from!

Aboard a train I learned
From a man bound toward Madrid
Where Mind failed with the words,
Picked up and saved, Heart did.

Speak from the heart where you should go.
You will be understood.
You will connect (and at the soul).
You will be changed for good.

Deep down I know I’ll always be
That girl inside the train
Wide eyes watch through window
Absorbing Life’s terrain.

An Andalusion illusion
Will tease a wanton brain.
My biggest fear
As departure nears
Is to never be here,
Like this,

When I’m feeling old and settled
And my dreams begin to strain,
I think of far-off places.
I often think of Spain.

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