catching up

So much has happened! I’ll have to write more in-depth about other stuff later, but this is an abbreviated version of what I’ve been doing lately.

Went on a hike to Sturtevant Falls in the Angeles National Forest. We got there at 7, and the road gates up to the mountain closed at 8. Saw a deer along the way, but it was too elusive for a photograph. Climbed over rock bridges, crossed creeks, conquered steep inclines.Passed some old cabins that were built in the early 1900’s and have been standing ever since. Bulwarks against time. Quick dash through the trail (almost 4 miles total) in and out, snapped some pictures, and made it back to the van. The gates were closed (scary) but fortunately (for us but not for her) the passenger in the car in front of us had twisted her ankle. The police considered it an emergency and came right away.

That same night, we thought it’d be a good idea to drive out to the desert to watch the Perseid meteor shower. We drove out to Palm Desert to find a good spot. My parents had their honeymoon in Palm Springs at the Lawrence Welk Resort and would take us there for vacation when we were little. I have fond memories of driving the golf cart around for my dad while he played. We walked into the local Food 4 Less, where my mom and I would go grocery shopping for food when we stayed at the resort. What a transportation back in time. The moon was too bright for stargazing, but it was a beautiful trip nonetheless.

Tired from our hike and driving and operating on zero sleep, we finally rolled back into my driveway at 6am.

That same day we came back from the desert, we played a gig at Cafe Viento y Agua in Long Beach, CA. Great turnout, played a good set. Everyone went to eat at Lucille’s afterward.

Dinner at Monsieur Marcel’s at the Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles. We had a spread of olives, chorizo, gazpacho, bread, and strawberry-infused sparkling wine.

Hemingway’s Lounge in Los Angeles, CA. The drinks are themed after Hemingway’s books, and the champagne is served in French champagne glasses. There are old typewriters hanging from the walls. There are pillars all throughout the lounge that double as bookshelves. Reading is welcomed and encouraged.

The Hollywood Bowl. I watched the LA Philharmonic perform Fantasia live as they projected the movie on multiple screens. They threw in extra sequences that were started but never completed. Among them were “Destino” (collaboration between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney), Debussy’s “Claire de Lune”, and Freddy Martin’s “Bumble Boogie,” a boogie woogie version of “Flight of the Bumblebee.” The Bowl was lit up sensationally and there were fireworks for the final pieces, which were selections from The Nutcracker.

And next, off to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico!

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