mezze forte

This week, I pledge to adjust my attitude to the positive side of things.

We had dinner tonight at the restaurant my brother works at in Los Angeles. The whole family went out, and we all had a positive experience. We talked, laughed, swapped stories. The food was delicious. There was lamb, chicken liver, foie gras, wine, pita, chala bread, fatouche, and other dishes I can’t pronounce. Kevin enlightened us with what it takes to make each dish — all the preparation and the TLC that goes along with each bite. It’s taken a significant amount of time and a lot of effort for us all to get to this point together. At the core, we all want this family to work. Tonight was all we could have asked for.

For the first time in ages, I have left no burned bridges. This is something to be thankful for. I feel as if the knot inside of me is unraveling.

It’s time to focus my energy on what I really want out of life and not just what I think is the most responsible thing to do. Being the oldest child, I often bestow responsibility upon myself even when I don’t have to, digging myself deeper into holes I don’t need to be in. Soon throwing myself into the world of “what if’s.”




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