Every once in a while, you need to have your breath taken away.

We hiked through the Morgan Trail in the Santa Ana Mountains this past weekend. How beautiful it all was! We drove out to the trail head near Lake Elsinore early in the morning and set out. Most of the trail was brush, flora, and fauna. Every quarter mile or so, we’d come across a window that overlooked all the other hills surrounding ours. No one else was on our trail, so it was as if we had the entire place to ourselves. I felt so small in comparison to all the huge boulders across the way. I wondered what it would have been like to walk through the same place 100 years ago. In places like this, I find peace.

A picture doesn’t do the landscape any justice. Unless that picture was painted by Bob Ross. Only then would I retract my statement.

Spiritually, I feel off balance (and that may also have to do with hormones), but I am on a constant quest to seek peace in myself. My days are filled with many blessings, so I can’t complain about anything.

Though no one believes me when I say it, I am incredibly shy. This is what I’ve been struggling with most lately. On stage, I’m perfectly happy sharing my music and my stories, but I still feel like I’m restricting a bit of myself where I don’t necessarily have to. Then, off-stage, I’m hesitant to approach others and over-analyze what to say. It may not show too much on the surface, but I certainly do feel it on the inside. I’m a musical extrovert but a natural introvert, as Felipe puts it. Like everything, this will take practice. I am trying to live more openly and yet again expand my comfort zone with as few excuses as possible. Here goes.

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