green beans flambé

I found this entry whilst digging through old xanga entries. Some things never change…

June 2006

Today I explored the flammable property of green beans. In an attempt (operative word being “attempt”) to cook dinner in lieu of my parents being away this weekend, I overestimated how much vegetable oil I should use in sauteeing green beans. After adding the beans to the frying pan, a little bit of oil spilled over into the flame. Now, folks – we all know that in certain cases, a little goes a long way. This case was absolutely no exception.

As I watched the green beans burst into flames, I experienced a cathartic moment. I, Lilian Da Ly Bui, realized in that very minute that I was never meant to cook. Certainly enough, some of my efforts yield successful results: delicious cup of noodles, boiling water, runny eggs… However, at the core, my cooking skills are, how shall I put this? Nonexistent.

Along with the flames, I extinguished my dreams of ever being able to prepare a decent meal. I cleaned up, wiped off the sweat that had broken across my brow, and retired to my journal to report the latest.


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