happiness in your backyard

Oh, we’ve got the life.

Brunch is too expensive on this side of town, so we decided to open up a new restaurant in my backyard! F and I made breakfast and had it outside in the sun, next to the roses. Mina joined us but sunbathed most of the time. What a lovely morning.

Yesterday was a Disney day. California Adventure is revamping its look. The new look and feel will be a 1920’s art deco kind of style. And it looks like there will be a new additional section to the park, themed after the movie Cars. Also saw World of Color for the first time. “Overstimulation” would be the word that I would use to best describe it. Then again, it is the Disney philosophy to go big or go home.

Tonight, we wandered into Hollywood to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the prestigious Angry Asian Man blog and ran into some very, very good friends by surprise. Lots of lights, dancing, singing, laughing, and celebrating each other. Nothing better than that. Also, flipbooks!

It’s 3:40am, and my feet are tired but I feel happy. Currently riding on a couple important decisions and am struggling with which to make. Still inconclusive, but things will always work themselves out in the end. I have faith in at least that.

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