I bet a real fish could potentially be very critical of fisheye photography. What makes us so certain that we see through our lenses what they do?

When I’m lucky, Creativity comes to visit and stays all day. Today was such a day. I polished up a new song that I’d had under wraps for a while, did some more non-musical writing, took some photos, filmed some footage at the beach, read my book, worked on a puzzle, and daydreamed almost all day. I love when my mind wanders and wish that I had time to let it do so constantly.

I feel a new artistic chapter of my life unfolding. For someone who has only recently come to terms with her role as a songwriter and musician, I find myself almost undeserving of being called an artist at all. When up against the Monet’s, Django’s, Hitchcock’s, and Banksy’s of the world, how can one even bear the idea of stepping into the same realm as they?

Somewhere along the way, I know I crossed the threshold between being an enthusiast for the world around me and being someone who craves to interpret it. I feel life so intensely – colors, images, sounds, voices, stories, melodies, rhythms, scents, textures…I constantly lust after new mediums to present what I am experiencing in different ways. What to do with all the energy but to expend it? Potential energy never got anybody anywhere. I must be kinetic and do.

Life has been speaking to me so much more lately, and I feel it incumbent upon me to listen.


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