That Old Ball Game

My newly founded love for baseball is all Felipe’s fault. After watching all 9 innings of Ken Burns’ documentary, I converted.

We saw the Angels play the Red Sox at Angel Stadium. (The Red Sox beat the Angels 4-2.) Growing up in Anaheim, my family always drove past the edifice but never bothered to venture anywhere past the traffic pouring in and out of it. Being inside is completely different from being inside the Nationals Park in D.C. or Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD. For starters, the Angels are owned by Disney, so every time the Angels hit a home run, it’s accompanied by a fireworks display. I’m not kidding you. I once read that Disney’s Fantasmic costs about $3,000 a night to put on for all its water effects, lighting, and pyrotechnics. Imagine how much capital also pours into each home run at Angel Stadium. (Pun intended.) Regardless, we had a good time doing this 80% of the time we were there.

Took Mom out to celebrate the first weekend after tax season today. We went to see a movie and spent some quality time together. She also made it out to a show that we did last Friday night and stole the microphone for a bit to tell everyone how happy she was that people were there supporting our music!

Our first local tour recently wrapped up, and I’m already having withdrawals. I did some reflecting about it today, and I thought of all the people we’ve met along the way. Ten shows, ten different locations. This tour helped me get re-settled on the west coast. I feel like I’m home again now. I can’t wait to do it again.

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