mission accomplished

Quality time is something I take very seriously, and I am practicing being present for friends, family, and loved ones. The ability to multi-task is a blessing and a curse. My attention is often divided when it shouldn’t be, purely out of habit. And so I slip into quieter moments of reading, studying, writing to practice focusing my attention on one thing at a time. I’m trying harder to engage in real conversations, not just “how do you do’s” that abandon genuine interest.

Helped J’s little sister build her mission project yesterday. She and her fellow 4th graders have to recreate one of California’s missions in miniature form. White pant and wood glue in my fingernails. We never got this assignment in 4th grade, so I lived out the assignment that I never had the chance to procrastinate when I was younger. Also brought J an Easter basket of candy, hoping to lift his spirits. He’s getting better slowly but surely. N and her brother E stopped by for a visit and a very long round of UNO! (I lost.)

Macrobiotics. Having lost three family members to cancer, I’m on quest to build a healthy bulwalk against my own genetic history! Started the macrobiotic yesterday, not to lose weight but to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So far, so good. I’m running 2 miles, three times a week. Eating healthy. Sleeping enough. Cuddling a lot. Laughing a lot.

Here’s what was on the menu last night:

— Steamed tilapia, marinated with lemon juice, ginger, and pepper
— Organic spring salad with vinaigrette that I made (white wine vinegar, olive oil, soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, and lemon juice)
— Roll of whole grain bread

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