Today is the first day of Pesach, more commonly known as Passover. Humility. Solidarity. Exodus. Unleavened bread. I don’t observe the holiday (I was raised Buddhist), but I thought that offering my curiosity and respect would be appropriate.

I broke some unleavened bread in the form of naan today with a new friend from Germany. P and I went for Indian food for dinner. She and I met through the CouchSurfing community. Through it, I’ve met tons of world travelers right here in our own little nook of the world in Orange County. It’s an amazing community whose core mission is to explore as much as possible and open up their couches and hearts to other world wanderers. I’m humbled by the generosity of this community and am happy to be part of it.

This morning, I heard about something called a macrobiotic diet. Gwyneth Paltrow was on NPR speaking about her new cookbook, inspired by memories of being in the kitchen with her dad, who passed away 9 years ago due to throat cancer. In it, she offers family recipes interlaced with anecdotes about cooking with her father. While he was undergoing treatment for cancer, she encouraged him to switch to a macrobiotic diet, a Japanese-influenced philosophy for nutrition meant to maintain good dietary health and prolong your lifespan. It’s known for its preventive effects for cancer and heart disease. It is composed of mostly grain and vegetables and organic fruits. No meats except for fish. No microwaving food. Sugars, spices, salts, alcohol, and dairy in very small amounts, if at all. My arteries felt cleaner simply reading about it. As of now, my food intake consists mainly of these things anyway, just not in such a strict way. I am contemplating weaning myself into it for a period of time, experimentally. More updates soon. Thanks, Gwyneth Paltrow.

P.S. Tax season is over! My weary-eyed parents (both accountants) can finally catch up on that good old thing called sleep before next January starts the cycle all over again.

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