If there was a word for how life feels right now, I would probably choose “vibrant.” I see now with eyes more open than before, and my heart is overflowing with affection for everything around me. (I wonder if this qualifies me for a hippie.)

Dinner with K tonight, which hasn’t happened in what scientists might consider “forever and a day.” We’ve been good friends since I decided that we would be. It really was that simple. Misadventures ensued (naturally). Old friends are meant to open up parts of you that close up over time. No matter how much you fight it, you slowly forget about that silly prank you pulled, that one girl everyone talked about, or that place you all used to go. Then with a simple conversation, an array of memories explodes between you, ricocheting like glass marbles in the air. Friends are worlds within themselves that you can only visit through being with them.

“What I appreciate most about our friendship is that it has survived through so many different version of ourselves,” I told K. “It’s a true testament to how strong our friendship truly is. No matter how much we change, we still stay in each others’ lives.”

Some smiles, some tears. A warmth enveloping my heart.

I find that I can give of myself again, generously and without hesitation. I no longer see the world around me in a flurry but rather in a harmonious flow. I am happy to be part of it.


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