blossom dearie

I always find myself reaching through time and space, mostly into the past, to find kindred spirits. The latest one I’ve found is darling Blossom Dearie. While sitting in a Starbucks studying German, I overheard her voice and fell in love, which only happens on very special occasions and often instantaneously. (Felipe will confirm this.)

Although even in retrospect, she is one of the most underrated jazz musicians of her time, Blossom recorded prolifically. I was happy to find that she had album after album of material, each changing in theme to reflect a particular period in her musical and personal life but never deviating from her gentle style. Unlike other famous female vocalists, Blossom also played jazz piano and accompanied herself when she performed. With an intricate understanding of jazz instrumentation, rhythm, and melody, she was able to offer more to her audience as well as her band as a performer.

It’s only appropriate that her lyrics are lighthearted and playful. That’s exactly the spirit that her music evokes. Not to mention she somehow injects more wit and intelligence into songs that have been covered many times before.  Her song choice refuses to acknowledge the existence of tragedy. Living up to her name, Blossom simply blossoms.


2 thoughts on “blossom dearie

  1. Thinking that I was a lone fan of her stile and singing. She is smooth as silk and easy on the ears. Could be that I am showing my age?

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