The world is experiencing a resurgence of the vintage! Throwback Pepsi-Cola products in grocery stores, Polaroid cameras, sock monkeys, red lipstick, and lomo photography – I’ve bought into it all. Without shame. My wardrobe consists of dresses that look like they came from the 60s. I have a collection of vinyl records that I play on a Crosley more often than I listen to CD’s or mp3’s. And my photography, although digital, often leans toward faded colors and vignettes reminiscent of photos taken by older cameras. All I can say is that I know I’m not the only one. It’s a movement, and I’m merely part of it.

I can’t help but wonder: what prompts such a technologically progressive world to take the time to look back and celebrate things past? Is it because these trends invite us to remember simpler times in our own past? Does this movement touch upon some romantic chord in us that we forgot we had all this time? As a romantic myself, I really hope so. This synergy of past and present brings out the best of ourselves, and I hope the trend continues for a long time.

Today I spent more than three hours in a cafe with Felipe while both of us read. I studied German while he read about anthropology. After a while, we both pause and fill each other in on what we were reading or engage in some silly interaction. We hold hands while immersed deeply in our books, pausing to flip to the next page. I ask him to quiz me on my German months (die Monate) and days of the week (die Wochentage), and he willingly participates, throwing a curve ball my way every once in a while. I’ve never been with someone so willing to participate in partnership and so willing to teach me about patience by his own example. I experience something much greater than satisfaction when I’m with him. I feel joy – the sense that what I have in the present moment is enough.


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