This past week of learning German and French and jazz piano and whatever else pops into my head on a whim has been healthy for me! I am constantly excited to fill my head with new words and new ways of saying things.

Richtig oder falsch — ich mache dir keine Sorgen!

I think we sometimes forget how long it took us to learn the things that we do know. When we learn to ride a bicycle, we fall and scrape our knees before we achieve perfect balance on just two wheels. We squinted and struggled to orient our fingers and minds to our computer keyboards before we became proficient in the art of the QWERTY. As adults, we have mastered many things. We have learned to be more efficient and resourceful. Therefore, we habitually expect information and knowledge to come quickly and readily, especially in today’s world. A simple Google search will help me translate any word I don’t know. However, doing something with that word and adopting its meaning into my vocabulary takes far more practice and dedication than a Google search can offer.

I’m filling my head with things and learning every day. I am a student of the world, and each day is a lesson. All the while, I’m learning to be more patient (especially with myself) as I move forward.


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