(Got My Kicks) On Route 66

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Route 66 was removed from the official highway directory in 1985. However, back in its heyday, it provided thousands of migrating Americans a path towards the west – especially during the Dust Bowl. It’s earned such epithets as “The Main Street of America” as well as “The Mother Road.” Stretching from Santa Monica, CA to Chicago, IL, it’s one of the U.S.’s first highways. The best part is that it’s still around and navigable. I took full advantage.

It took me two hours, but I drove from Rancho Cucamonga to Santa Monica on this road. Nowadays, it’s barely recognizable as a major highway. Mostly host to shopping centers and residential areas, some gas stations and businesses are designed to look vintage. I snapped some photos.

Currently in Los Angeles battling rough winds and rain. Tried vegetarian chicken pesto (delicious) at Cafe Muse. Stopped by Amoeba Music and picked up a few records. Caught a show at the Upright Citizens’ Brigade, starring some of the comedians from Derrick Comedy and the actor from Spy Kids.

Heading north tomorrow for the long haul.

After some reflection, I’ve learned some very important things:

1. Take the scenic route as often as possible.

2. Laughter really is the best medicine.

3. Following an impulse every once in a while is healthy.

4. Friends will be there for you.

5. Adventure is out there!

2 thoughts on “(Got My Kicks) On Route 66

  1. Lovely following you on your blog. It has me thinking I should have done this for the last year of MY recovery process. When so many things were happening. Including the dreadful tail-end of the 20-months without a salary !! Chesney back at “the ranch” for yesterday and today. Now he’s off up the coast with friends. We have a new kitten, will send you a snap. We had to give her a new home because the cats at Chesney’s dad’s place were giving the kitten a VERY hard time !! I KNEW our cat Tigger would have NO problem with her. And he doesn’t. Please let me know at what time next week I can touch base with Michael for my follow-up. I would imagine 8am one morning would be best before his day becomes chaos. Or maybe 7.30 ?

  2. Just an update on my latest URL for the online study course for Marketing and Publishing a book that I am doing. Have committed to having the “8 easy steps” finished by Monday, so that I can hit the gound running for 2011. My first draft of my book should also be ready for Michael, which will obviously SHOCK him. As I and HE were expecting to encounter major problems with my committing to write 2 pages a day. I’ll start FULL FORCE with my wildlife partners next week as well. Have actually been resting this week from that venture. So that’s the 3 things I’ll be concentrating on this year : MY best-seller, marketing my MAP venture online and getting my wildlif partners HPH into a profitable position. Warm hugs Carole xxx

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