California, Coming Home

Headed back west to chase some sunsets and getting a tan along the way. I’ve been home for two days, and my taste buds have never been happier. I’ve already had my fix of pho, vegetarian Vietnamese food, In-N-Out, and my mom’s home cooking. It’s becoming a challenge NOT to gorge. Gastronomically speaking, I am having an amazing trip.

Joseph and I hit Manhattan Beach today to go surfing. This was the first successful attempt for us to do so. We’ve tried to go before but have consistently run into “black ball situations,” in which the black ball flag is raised at the beach = NO SURFING. Guess what?! I stood up on the surfboard!! Catch a wave, and you’re sitting on top of the world! The Beach Boys were right. Hopefully we can hit up the beach again soon! I plan on making multiple – if not daily – trips during my stay here. There’s probably a sandy beach somewhere in my soul. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen the ocean.

Manhattan Beach

The Pacific

I drew a pattern in the sand on Joe’s board

Surf rack


The bear that roams around Joe’s house (aka his dog)

The newest addition to the family is my Yamaha NTX700. My mom and I went straight from the airport to Guitar Center so I could make this purchase. This is my first nylon string guitar. I love my Ibanez, but I think I’m IN love with my Yamaha. I’m so comfortable playing this guitar already and had an instant connection with it since I first played it months ago. Jazzier guitar, here I com! I’ve yet to name it, but this will come in time. It will most likely be Disney related to keep with the theme. (My Ibanez is called Mickey Blue, but my ukulele is Minnie, because it’s mini!)

Soundtrack of the day:
1. Catch a Wave – Beach Boys
2. Can’t Hurry Love – The Supremes
3. I Think I Love You – The Partridge Family
4. It’s All in the Game – Tommy Edwards
5. Howl’s Moving Castle Theme – Joe Hisaishi


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