Sunday Gray

Sundays are notoriously the laziest days of the week. Today is no exception. Maryland has graced us with another rainy day, but I have no complaints. How can I when I have jazz and wonderful company? I opened up my window blinds and let gray light pour in.

What’s on the agenda today? Packing, packing, packing. Bossa nova in between. I’m headed back to California for two weeks, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little sentimental. Four months have passed since I last went back west, and these past few days have made me realize how attached I’ve grown to my life in Maryland. A year ago, I couldn’t ever imagine calling this coast Home. Ironically, that’s exactly what it has become. Being aware of the evolution of my emotions, though, doesn’t reconcile much. I’m still leaving Maryland for two weeks. Then moving back to California for a longer period of time at the end of September, but I’ll save all this for another post. For now, I’m fixed on the amazing food that I’ve missed out on since moving here, seeing all the friends that have been wonderfully supportive of me from afar, and getting a tan!

Felipe and Nabs are going to keep me company today while I rummage through all the things I have to pack. There’s apple pie in the fridge. These are worthy distractions of my impending departure.

Love will lift you by the bicycle wheel.

Today’s soundtrack:

La Dolce Vita – Maria de Medeiros
Emily – Bill Evans Trio
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes – Thelonious Monk


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