In the Red

In life’s journey, people are my favorite stops.

There is no better feeling than being around people you love and whom love you right back. I feel so fortunate to have met the people that I have in my life in this moment. Last night, I played a show at Chloe’s Coffee, and almost all the people that I’ve met since moving here came by to listen to us play. Even some people whom I’ve never met before but have heard about our music stopped by out of curiosity. Talk about warm and mushy feelings! I was brimming with gratitude and love.

I look back on my life one year ago and see how much has changed. Last August, I found myself feeling very isolated in a new city full of people. I spent most of my time alone reading, writing, listening to music, and filling up my Netflix queue in my spare time. “Home” was someplace from which I was far removed. How quickly the tables turned.

This week, albeit full of summer rain, was also bursting at the seams with memories. I’ve never slept less, but I’ve never loved and laughed more. In recent memory, I’ve stayed up all night just to watch the sun rise. I’ve ridden in a Ford Flex, the most obnoxious car imaginable on the road. I’ve made music every single day. I’ve fallen in and out of love. I’ve made multiple late-night runs to 7-11 to the point that I’m probably on a first-name basis with the cashier. I’ve made new friends and visited old ones. I’ve gotten lost driving in Virginia (it was a 14-mile detour, to be exact). I’ve started running again. I helped a friend move. I have filmed a music video in front of a green screen. While driving on the freeway, I’ve gotten caught in the middle of a record thunderstorm in Montgomery County. I’ve discovered carrots and hummus. I finally saw Under the Tuscan Sun (and disliked it). I’ve witnessed a car accident happen right in front of me. I’ve recorded an album with musicians I adore. I’ve laughed at nothing and everything.

While on the phone with a friend recently, Felipe (my bassist and very dear friend) commented to a friend about life, music, and money:

“We are definitely in the red…but life feels good.”

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