Speaking to myself from the past seems to be a recurring theme lately in life. I recently received a letter written to me from my 12th-grade self. My reaction to it made its way into a song called “Senior Letter” on the upcoming album.

Then, in sharing my old xanga with a friend recently, I suddenly felt re-inspired to blog again, consistently. Looking back on my old entries, as menial as I thought some of the details of my life were, reading through them – no matter how obscure or dismissible – gives me a bigger snapshot of my life in that one moment.

How magical it will be when, five years from now, I look back on this entry and remember waking up at 5AM this morning to walk with Felipe to the metro, trekking to Pentagon City and stalling around the mall for 4 hours, meeting Celeste and Nabs at 10AM to go to the doctor’s, taking a 14-mile detour through D.C., feeling terribly bloated and moody but silly, cracking up at gastritis at the diner, and the 3 consecutive out-of-service trains on the way back home? When asked about his favorite quotation, a very good friend of mine likes to says that he enjoys the things people say every day most. I’m looking forward to capturing more of this. Good times are all around. You just need the right lens through which to see them.

The older you get, the more material you have on which to look back. Unless you have an elephant’s memory (which I don’t), it’s harder to keep track of memories when your brain is stretching its capacity wire thin to accommodate everything you need to keep track of now. That’s where journal-ing comes in. Here’s to looking back on yesterdays, remembering todays, and hoping for good tomorrows to come our way.

-L. Bee

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