Boston Bound

New England sunrise

This Chinese restaurant used to be an old theater. They converted the space into a dim-sum friendly environment.

View of Boston Harbor from Helen’s

Cannoli – my one true love

Amphitheater across the street

On Walden Pond

I made the 10-hour commute to Boston this past weekend! While I’m proud of myself for surviving the trip, my body is chastising me for the strain I’ve put on it with all this traveling I’ve been doing. Despite my obstinate desire to soldier on, I finally had to admit to myself that even wanderlust needs its rest.

My cousin Helen housed me for an evening and took me around town. We trekked to Walden Pond where Emerson lived for two years, a period in his life that served as a source of inspiration for Walden. The pond had frozen over, so Helen and I walked, skipped, and hopped across it. This was definitely a first for me, so I can check that off of my life’s to-do list!

We had dinner at the North End, where there are more Italian restaurants than parking spots! I got my cannoli fix, which is…really all I cared about in the first place 😀 . Dim sum on Sunday morning and a recording session with Mu to top it all off! All in all, an amazing trip.

Every time I go to Boston, I always hear, “It’s beautiful in the summer!” as an immediate disclaimer. As if the 9 degree weather was a deterrence at all to visitors. Haha. If you detected sarcasm, you’d be correct in doing so. Hopefully, I can catch Boston sometime in the spring or summer, when the sun isn’t a mythical entity.

Here’s the result of our recording session, by the way! A million thanks to Mu for editing the audio and video, and putting up with my air trumpet.