Couchsurfing: A Vegetary Weekend

Ever since I moved into this house, the leather couch in our living room has been my favorite spot in this house. No matter how long the day, how stressful the work, how frustrated the artist, this couch’s cushions absorb your qualms without condition. Despite a rather sedentary weekend, this couch has been able to transport my roommate, friend, and I everywhere we desired by playing host to a spread of Chinese takeout, delivery pizza, movies, music, books, dance parties, and comics. This, my friends, is what you call a perfect weekend.

The tally?

Movies watched:
-Kill Bill Vol. 2
-Dark Knight
-Singing in the Rain
-Now & Then
-various SNL episodes
-Broken Embraces

Food consumed:
-Fried rice
-Veggie stir fry
-Orange chicken
-Pesto pizza
-Banana nutella crepes
-Reese’s Puffs cereal
-Rice Cocoa Krispies
-Ben’s Chili Bowl
-Chop’t Salad

I also got a hold of Identity Crisis and Batman: Dark Victory from Barnes & Noble today with my gift card that I got for Christmas from brother Bui.

On Friday night, Nabila and I made it to northern Virginia for a Movits! concert at a place called Iota Club. This Swedish “swing-hop” band hails from Lulea, Sweden, and is currently doing a tour of U.S. cities. The group combines hip-hop beats with swing music. Extremely danceable, as Bila and I discovered first hand (or foot). They play with unfathomable energy and effortlessly charm their audience with accents, cultural anecdotes, and sneakers/blazers/glasses get-up. Catch them in Los Angeles, Californians!

On Saturday night, we went to Almaz on U Street for a show called Sulu Series, a monthly showcase of your local spoken word artists. There, we found a progressive crowd that was largely representative of the Asian Pacific American community in the Capitol region. I’m slowly learning more about the D.C. arts community, and I like the landscape. It’s a great escape from the typical Beltway boomers.

This weekend was the weekend of all weekends, and it’s going to take one helluva getaway to top this one! It was the perfect blend of inside/outside, crowded/intimate, loud/quiet, silly/serious, etc., etc., etc. Looking forward to more adventures soon!


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