Homeward Bound

They were the best of times. They were the worst of times.

Who am I kidding? Going home was the most fun I’ve had in a while, with no discredit to Maryland. The California girl in me was just itching for some sunlight. Once my melanin levels get too low, I start to get cranky.

For two weeks, I meandered around southern California catching up with friends and family. Thanks to brother Kevin, I had a car to drive every once in a while to get around. Thank you, everyone, for taking time out of their schedules to spend time with this Lily!


If I was a sum of my actions, then that would make me a full-fledged fast-food-smoothie, Vietna-Mexican restaurant. You could almost say that I most looked forward to eating, eating, eating! I had to take advantage of the food to which I am not privy on the east coast. This includes (but is not necessarily restricted to) the following: In-N-Out, pho, carne asada fries, banh cuon, mi xao, Albertacos, Jamba Juice, boba, Mimi’s Cafe, Champagne’s chicken pesto sandwich, YogurtLand, and Brodard. I certainly got my fix. Not going to lie – the thought of all this could move me to tears in a few months after I’ve been deprived of it long enough.


We got my mom a laptop for Christmas. New running shoes for Dad. Moolah for brother Kevin. Cousins, brother, and I stopped by grandma’s senior center to sing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” And I got tons of books, music, and movies. What more could you ask for?


I saw Avatar, Nine, Princess and the Frog, The Road, Invictus, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Sherlock Holmes, and Up in the Air over the holidays. Not bad. Not bad at all. I wasn’t expecting to watch so many movies, but why would I ever complain about something like that?


Also, to continue the Dead Poets & Writers Tour of America, I was able to visit Louis L’Amour’s grave! I can’t say I am a huge fan of his work, but he authored over 105 novels, which were all published by the time of his death. Quite an achievement.


The original plan was to spend the bulk of my two weeks home recording music, but I got a case of the flu three days in and had to push that plan back until I recovered. Which I haven’t yet, not fully. However, I did manage to pick up the ukulele! This is exciting news! I love how bright the uke sounds compared to the guitar. I’ve broadened my musical capacity with the addition of another string instrument to my get-up, and hopefully I don’t lose momentum with it. My ukulele made it back to Maryland with me, so I’ll keep playing it so long as there are songs to learn and write. More recently, I considered purchasing a tenor ukulele. This is still to be decided.

I also practiced the piano for the first time in 6 months, and my hands were depressingly stiff. The “Theme from Howl’s Moving Castle” has sounded much better played by the hands of others, but I hope to find a place in Maryland where I can practice more frequently.

I purchased tickets to see Tegan & Sara in February, Norah Jones in April, and possibly Vampire Weekend in April. As much as I dislike having pickles for dinner, music is a worthy sacrifice!


Well, let’s just say ❤ for now. Thanks for keeping up with me, guys. I guarantee more misadventures to come soon!

Look, Ma! I’m avant-garde.

One thought on “Homeward Bound

  1. I love In-N-Out, pho, carne asada fries, and Brodard! I’ll have to get my Vietnamese friends to take me to a place to try banh cuon! Looked it up, and it sounds really good! I’ve become very interested in Vietnamese culture and food because of the close friendships I have with several of my Vietnamese friends. It’s the reason why reason why I went to the Tet Festival last weekend with a few of them! I’m so glad I discovered you and your music through that Non Song magazine. 🙂

    Norah Jones… I remember when I saw the debut of her very first video “Don’t Know Why” on VH-1 several years ago! Her vocals were unlike anything in music at that time. Such undeniable talent, and beautiful too! I instantly knew that she would crossover as a mainstream artist. Absolutely love your version of her song by the way!

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