Kal Penn and other updates

Kal Penn (White House Office of Public Engagement) at the APALRC’s 11th anniversary banquet. The man whose hand he is shaking is our Executive Director, Myron Quon, who is the real celebrity here.

I remember Fiona Apple said once during an interview, “I don’t think I’ve ever stopped myself from having a good time just so I could write a song.”

Similarly, I haven’t updated too much lately because things are moving right along here in D.C. I apologize for my absence! Here’s a quick snapshot of where I’m at.

  • I’m in the process of looking for new roommates. Not that anything’s wrong with my current ones. My current roomies have recently purchased a house together and are eager to start making a Home out of it. That leaves me looking for two others to take their spots. The search has left me with a kind of double life as a pseudo, after-hours real estate agent. It’s also left me with an incentive to keep the place clean.
  • Work is amazing. My project is picking up momentum and I’m in a very Zen place right now, very content with the decisions I’ve made because of my contentment with where I’ve ended up. In this environment, I feel valued, trusted, and spoiled even. The APALRC already has a warm place in my heart. Also, Kal Penn came to our 11th anniversary banquet. How can you go wrong with that?
  • Music. I haven’t been playing as much as I want to, but that’s because my energy level at the end of the day is kaput. I did, however, perform at an open mic last week! That was tons of fun, and I’d do it again. Met great people, had great support. You know me, though. In no time, I’ll be back at it. Also – guess who has Zee Avi concert tickets for November in Philly? It starts with M and ends in E.
  • Movies. Netflix is still my best friend. Thank you to everyone who contributed to that deliciously long list of French film recommendations. The majority of the films are now on my queue. I checked out the theater close to my house called the AFI Silver Theater. It was bought by the American Film Institute and remodeled. Now they have film festivals there all the time and show tons of indie flicks.
  • Trips. I’m going to New York for Halloween!! Staying with Nick, my former R.A. This is going to be an awesome trip. I always am stoked for an NYC trip. Going to Philly in November for a Zee Avi concert. Hoping to plan a day trip to Baltimore sometime soon. I love being so close to other states!

That pretty much catches you up to me. By the way, I still haven’t received photos from everyone yet! I’ve asked for mug shots but only have received pictures from Jenny and Anton (thanks, guys!) So send ’em over. I would love to decorate my cork board with your faces!


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