Part the Second: The Day I Said, "The World Can Wait"

The Day I Said, “The World Can Wait”

started at Busboys & Poets on 10/12/09
finished at work on 10/14/09

The day I said, “The world can wait,”
The clocks froze in their tracks.
The Minutes retired silently;
While in vain the Hours fought back.

Conversations paused mid-sentence;
A painter dropped his brush mid-stroke.
One hopeful lover said, “I do,”
The other ceased, half eloped.

A fly buzz was the last refrain
Heard for a thousand miles
A widow’s dirge cut short,
Her pain half-reconciled.

A hunter cocked his gun,
The bullet stuck inside.
His game stood still – fixated –
Staring Fate straight in the eyes.

The stoic captain firmly stood
Feet anchored, mouth tight lipped.
The deck had tilted sharply
On his halfway sunken ship.

The china lay in pieces
While a couple griped the cost.
If I hadn’t begged the world to wait,
What else would have been lost?

A sewing needle had begun to mend
The lace of a wedding dress
The hum of Mother’s lullaby
Would have eased her child’s distress.

The sight of that day’s sunset
Would have left the dead inspired
The words scrawled on a napkin
Might have changed the world entire.

Good news to tell by telephone
The number just half dialed;
The frown on someone’s lips
Had almost curled into a smile.

What caused me to imagine
A plan so lost, depraved?
Think – if the world had waited,
What else could have been saved?


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