Weather or Not You Like It

We had our first rainstorm yesterday. I woke up to the sound of rain and fell asleep to it. What an amazing feeling. Weather was always missing from California, so it’s a nice change to be able to experience it. In California, we drive to find certain types of weather, which is a good and bad thing. We drive to the mountains in the winter to find snow, up north for cooler temperatures, and travel farther south when we need tans. Maybe the inconsistency of weather on the east coast characterizes its allure. It’s less predictable, changing all the time.

I took this picture from my car, front of my house. It had just started raining, and I wanted to make use of my macro mode.

I also went to the Library of Congress Book Fair. Ah, the dissemination of knowledge. There were readings, signings, and sales. Apparently, Nicholas Sparks was there.

Django Reinhardt found his way into my mailbox recently in the form of an early birthday present. The London and Paris sessions from 1938! My Fischer-Price record player was happy to see it. Thank you so much, Henry!

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