Mommy, I made friends today

Just to give you an idea of my relationships with my friends back home, here are people’s various responses to when I texted them that I made friends today here in Maryland. I’m exposing you all!!

Henry: Imaginary ones don’t count, Lilian.

Ysidro: You do realize puppy dogs and large old trees with lots of character don’t count right?

(Me: One person said, “Welcome to our club” after I quoted Arrested Development and it reminded me of two years ago when you said, “Welcome to the family” after I understood your Family Guy reference.)
Tony: And I’ve regretted that moment ever since!

Khanh: Are any of them cute? You want to keep them for a while, right?

And my favorite…

Mom: Are they boy or girl?


Well, screw you all! Haha. I did make friends today! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

In the Maryland office, we share office space with an organization called Asian American Lead, which focuses on creating opportunities and programs for at-risk youth. My desk is right next to the door that leads into their office, so I couldn’t help overhearing some awesome conversation when I first came in this morning. I got up and introduced myself and found out one of the girls went to same training as I did in Philadelphia back in July. After talking to the rest of the staff, I found out they were into Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and the Office.


Don: I am officially declaring lunch.
John: You can’t declare lunch.
Don: Screw you, I’m declaring it.
Me: Usually, people declare stuff like war, bankruptcy…Lunch, not so much.

Jessica: This woman has five daughters and one son.
John: I too…have a son.
(He doesn’t really.)

Me: New Office episode tonight! I’m so excited!
Don, Edison, and John: (from the other room, simultaneously) PARKOUR, PARKOUR!!!!!

We spent lunch watching the Afternoon Delight episode of Arrested Development. I think I’m going to like it here.

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