Inglourious Weather

A woman called into our office yesterday saying that she was going to pray for our souls because of the healthcare bill. If it was within my jurisdiction, I would have told her my soul is doing just fine, thanks. But I didn’t. I’m too polite.

We were supposed to go kayaking today, but there is a thunderstorm warning for this entire weekend for storms in Maryland and D.C. Mother Nature wins again!

Go watch Inglourious Basterds. Hats off to Tarantino for creating yet another masterpiece. We had Spanish tapas at La Tasca before the movie in Chinatown. Glourious, wouldn’t you say?

Today, I’m going to work out like crazy, pick up my German book from my new place because I want to brush up on mein Deutsch, and spend the rest of the rainy day inside under covers reading, or until something more interesting comes up.


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