My Life Aquatic

Had I known this morning when I gave a passing glance to my umbrella exactly how desperately I would need it later on during today, I would have grabbed onto it for dear life and never gone back!

After work, I found myself caught in the rain, soaking wet (flip flops and all) seeking refuge under a tree with my supervisor and his girlfriend while we were on our way to the National Mall to watch the softball game. Eventually, the rain let up and we got there okay (though it was a bit muddy). After the first inning, I headed home and found myself caught in the rain yet again after getting off the metro. This time around, I didn’t even try to avoid it and walked home soaking wet without anything over my head. Haha. The reactions of people passing by me ranged from pity to tickled by my aquatic state.

Who knew that a Thursday could entail so much misadventure? Only in D.C., I tells ya. It’s true, though. I learned today that sometimes you really do have to laugh to keep from crying! Oi vey.

Thankfully (and ironically), The Life Aquatic was waiting for me on NetFlix, and I had myself a warm meal and some tea to unwind.

Other updates
…(in no specific order)

  1. I get to give a tour of the Capitol tomorow! This is my favorite part about my internship. I LOVE being able to meet constituents from back home and show them around our nation’s Capitol.
  2. I saw Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi! Today when I got lost looking for the Speaker’s Lobby, I accidentally ventured toward (but not into) Speaker Pelosi’s office. In the corridor, I saw Speaker Pelosi walk out with her staff. 😀 Like I’ve told a lot of you on the phone, D.C. is a sort of Hollywood for politicians. Each time you see one, it’s like a celebrity sighting and I find myself getting all giddy.
  3. I found a place to live next year! This place is 15 minutes away from where I’ll be working next year in Wheaton, Maryland. It’s not too far away from the Metro stop either, so I’ll be able to easily go back into the city a few times a week to work with the DC office. AND I checked – it’s close to a Target, Jamba Juice, and Forever 21. What more could I ask for, really? I’ll only be paying slightly more than what I paid in Irvine, BUT I get my own room, my own bathroom, indoor washer/dryer, and internet! This is, how you say, sweet deal. Considering how rent is up the Wazoo here in D.C.
  4. Traveling to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia this coming week. I’m going to Philly for my Pre-Service Orientation for AmeriCorps. I’ll get to meet other VISTAs and learn more about my position this coming year. Then uNAVSA-6 is that same weekend, so I’ll be jetsetting once again! This time to attend workshops on Vietnamese human rights, community development, and to meet more of my peoples. Fa sho.
  5. I love my fellow Team Loretta interns. Like seriously. I get incredibly homesick, but these girls bring home to me and keep me sane in this bustling city. In the office, we work together and help each other grow, learn, and relax. Unfortunately, since we came on different cycles, they’re all leaving before I am.
  6. I’m reading Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam. This is the book that inspired the movie October Sky. It takes place in the 1960s in a small mining town called Coalwood. The protagonist is a boy who develops and interest in rocket science after seeing Sputnik from his backyard and decides to build a rocket with his friends. Simple setting, simple story with all the nuances of the Cold War, space race, the value of family, power of education, and the American Dream and all that jazz.
  7. Arrested Development is the best show ever. I am addicted. Thank you, Kiren Ahuja. Thanks a whole goshdarn lot. The end.

Until next post! I miss you all very much. Check your mailboxes!


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