New York Minute

This weekend, I hopped the Chinatown bus and headed to New York. Although I’ve been to this city multiple times this year, it never gets old. Whether for a weekend getaway or an extended visit, your experience is never the same as the last.

One thing in particular that I experienced differently, though, is the fact that the people in New York have so much more personality than those in D.C. Colors, lights, sounds. It’s a city unafraid of being itself, and to hell with anyone who dares criticize. The last time I went to New York, I hadn’t yet experienced actually living in a metropolitan area. Now that I have, I feel that if I was given the choice, I’d choose to live in New York out of all the other big cities I’ve visited.

More often than not in D.C., I’ve felt like I’ve given into conformity. I hate to admit it. People here seem so focused, so driven, so serious – which, I can be. But it’s not what I want to be all the time. I doubt it’s how other people want to come off either, but one can’t help but be conditioned into that sort of lifestyle here, given the fact that most people are here to work, to get things done. The weekend brings out the lighter side to people in crowded bars, clubs, and restaurants. However, not much seems to elicit creative energy. Even the museums seem reserved solely for tourists.

Am I compromising what’s unique about me in order to pursue a line of work I’m interested in? If I am, is it worth it?

The allure of places like New York took on new nuances this past weekend. While there, I found it easier to laugh, sing, think, and connect with others. Now, I find myself wondering whether I’d like to spend a long time in a place that is not so conducive to this.


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