The Rhapsody in You

I just met more people tonight playing the guitar than I have the entire time that I’ve been in Washington, D.C.

I brought Mickey Blue from home this time and decided to practice in the stairwell for the flawless acoustics. Some students from Berkeley heard me playing and asked me to come sit with them on the terrace. More and more people began to join us after a while until there were 8 of us sitting around in a circle sharing music, stories, and jokes. Another guy brought out his classical guitar and played flamenco for us.

Warm, sticky summer evening on the rooftop, chai tea, 8 strangers, and two guitars.

Up until this point, I had been hesitant to go out and meet people. Me alone in a stairwell expressing myself pretty much sums up my social experience here in D.C., especially because of everything going on in my mind lately. But who knew that it would be music that would once again connect me best to others? I am so thankful, so glad, to have music in my life. Over time, it has made me less shy, more open minded, and brought me closer to the human spirit.

To sum up the night in song:


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