Dupont Circle

These past few days, I’ve been a bit of a hermit. Homesickness was one reason. Timing was another. I’ve wanted to hang out with people who have gone out on the town, but I never seemed to catch the big group outings due to other plans. Most of my exploring happened during the day while other people were at work. I also did a bunch of errands this week at Target and Safeway. I did, however, get to hang out with my roommate Kiren (who is awesome). No regrets so far!

Tonight was the first time I actually went out with other people. I met up with Nabila after she got off work. We headed over to Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe – it’s a restaurant / bar / bookstore. I had a crab quesadilla. SO DELICIOUS. Then afterwards (pun intended), I met up with a few people and hung out in Dupont Circle. We walked around a bit, listened to some live music, and relaxed after a long hot day. Plazas are to California as circles are to Washington, D.C., to give you a proper analogy.

crab quesadilla

The homesickness started to improve today. I know that I’m a social creature and that through time, I will be able to open up more. I can’t help but miss the family and friends I have at home. Phone calls, AIM, and letters can only do so much. Nothing beats really being there in person. After talking to Nabila today, who has been here for over a year, my fears of being far away from my core have been confirmed. The harsh reality is really that harsh. But there comes a time in one’s life when one must weigh the gains and losses. My experience here will, no doubt, help steer me towards what I want and hopefully away from what I don’t. For the time being, yes, I will be far from those I care most about, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make good friends here. Will these relationships ever amount to what I have back home? Never. But luckily, I have the Fourth to look forward to still!

P.S. Anyone seen American History X? I watched it today while I was trying to kill some time, and that is one depressing movie.

3 thoughts on “Dupont Circle

  1. you're kidding. a restaurant/bar/BOOKSTORE combination is the ULTIMATE combination! sorry that's the kind of thing that makes me jizz in my pants. ;D hope you're having a grand time!

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